The Hi-Fi Mystery School is an esoteric concept of artist, channel, music and movie producer Jeroen van Meeteren. Personal and collective growth of consciousness is the main goal of making Music, Artworks, Animation Movies and giving Activation Light Healing Sessions.

In creative processes Jeroen often works with his Dutch colleague Jens de Langer. At this moment the topics “Sacred Geometry” and “Music in A=432Hz” are the fundament of their (collaborative) work. The channeled Sacred Geometrical patterns are encrypted with a certain kind of Light Codes. These Codes, especially in combination with matching music are so powerful that they can trigger you both consciously and subconsciously on many different levels. For example you can experience love energy or other wonderful sensations. Subconsciously it can activate a deep healing process or a fast growth of consciousness that may even be life-changing!

Experience teaches that the subconscious processes happen more often when Jeroen also channels a personalized Sacred Geometry pattern for you or when he gives you an Activation LightCode healing. The Light Code healing is one of the new experiences which will be activated in the new high frequency location THE VISION ROOM in Kortenhoef. Read more about the HiFi-Mysteryschool.

Animation Films


Our latest animation movie

Is our brand new 27 minute animation movie which contain 15 new Sacred Geometrical patterns (Codes). In combination with our music (432Hz) the movie can have a huge positive effect at your subconsiouss and some people experience even a deep consiouss sensation. At the moment the movie is only available through DVD or USB. The streaming part is work in progress. Read more 

Please check out our trailer below:

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Our award winning animated movie project

This 35 minute animation movie from 2016 also contains a combination of self composed relaxing, cinematical music (432Hz) and 22 channeled Sacred Geometrical patterns, containing certain codes for your (sub)consciousness. The 22 patterns in the movie are no symbols! So without a subject, because symbols always have a dark-light aspect! This all is blended into a  journey through The Cosmos, the ancient Atlantian civilization, Lemuria and the Himalayas. Read more.

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Personalised geometric ART

A personalised Geometrical pattern is channeled by Jeroen van Meeteren and is available in 3 different kind of styles. A digital artwork, a digital drawing (with a mandala touch) and a normal drawing. A drawing is allready available for the price of €77,- Read more about our art and experiences of our customers.